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Bridger 7-8, Middle School
Grades: 07-08 | Student:28 | Teacher:3 | Score:6
Phone: 406-662-3588
106 North 4th St Bridger, MT 59014
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School District:Bridger K-12 Schools
School Level:Middle School
School Grades:07-08
Number of Students:28
Number of Teachers:3
County:Carbon County, Montana
Office Phone:406-662-3588
Web Site:
Operational Status:Open, Operational
Environment:Rural, Remote Census-defined rural territory
School Type:Regular School
Mailing Address:Po Box 467
Bridger, MT 59014

Other Bridger K-12 Schools schools: Bridger High School, Bridger Elementary School
GradesTotalWhiteBlackHispanicAsianAmerican IndianTwo or more races
Grade 7141102010
Grade 8141400000

During school year 2010-2011(the most recent data year available), Bridger 7-8 Middle School had 28 students and 3 full time teachers. The student ratio was 9.8. Regarding the gender, 18 students were female, 10 students were male. Regarding the racial makeup of the students, 25 were white, 0 were African American, 2 were Hispanic, 0 were Asian(including Hawaiian Native/Pacific Islander), 1 were American Indian or Alaska Native, 0 were reported from two or more races.

Totally 14 students were eligible for subsidized lunch program: 8 students were eligible for free lunch, 6 students were eligible for reduced price lunch.Bridger 7-8 Middle School is located at 106 North 4th St, Bridger, MT 59014. The school environment is Rural, Remote Census-defined rural territory.

Bridger 7-8 Middle School belongs to Carbon County and is managed by Bridger K-12 Schools school district. It serves students from grade 07 to grade 08. The school's operational status is Open, Operational. Please call their phone number 406-662-3588 for more information about the school's enrollment and education programs.

Bridger 7-8's rating score is 6 out of 10 by SchoolMap.org on 2/28/2012.

School Year: 2010-2011
Data source: Institute of Education Sciences (IES), United States Department of Education

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