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Leonard Junior High School, Middle School
Grades: 06-08 | Student:214 | Teacher:17 | Score:6
Phone: 903-587-2315
500 East Hackberry St Leonard, TX 75452
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School District:Leonard Isd
School Level:Middle School
School Grades:06-08
Number of Students:214
Number of Teachers:17
County:Fannin County, Texas
Office Phone:903-587-2315
Web Site:
Operational Status:Open, Operational
Environment:Rural, Distant Census-defined rural territory
School Type:Regular School
Mailing Address:1 Tiger Alley
Leonard, TX 75452

Other Leonard Isd schools: Leonard Elementary School, Leonard Intermediate School, Leonard High School
GradesTotalWhiteBlackHispanicAsianAmerican IndianTwo or more races
Grade 6564348010
Grade 7695576010
Grade 88973212011

During school year 2010-2011(the most recent data year available), Leonard Junior High School Middle School had 214 students and 17 full time teachers. The student ratio was 12.6. Regarding the gender, 113 students were female, 101 students were male. Regarding the racial makeup of the students, 171 were white, 13 were African American, 26 were Hispanic, 0 were Asian(including Hawaiian Native/Pacific Islander), 3 were American Indian or Alaska Native, 1 were reported from two or more races.

Totally 102 students were eligible for subsidized lunch program: 82 students were eligible for free lunch, 20 students were eligible for reduced price lunch.Leonard Junior High School Middle School is located at 500 East Hackberry St, Leonard, TX 75452. The school environment is Rural, Distant Census-defined rural territory.

Leonard Junior High School Middle School belongs to Fannin County and is managed by Leonard Isd school district. It serves students from grade 06 to grade 08. The school's operational status is Open, Operational. Please call their phone number 903-587-2315 for more information about the school's enrollment and education programs.

Leonard Junior High School's rating score is 6 out of 10 by SchoolMap.org on 2/28/2012.

School Year: 2010-2011
Data source: Institute of Education Sciences (IES), United States Department of Education

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