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Total Students:0
Full Time Teachers:
Student Teacher Ratio:
Eligible for Free Lunch:
Eligible for Reduced Price Lunch:
Total Eligible for Subsidized Lunch:
African American:0
American Indian:0
Two or more races:0

GradesTotalWhiteBlackHispanicAsianAmerican IndianTwo or more races

During school year 2010-2011(the most recent data year available), Public School had 0 students and full time teachers. The student ratio was . Regarding the gender, 0 students were female, 0 students were male. Regarding the racial makeup of the students, 0 were white, 0 were African American, 0 were Hispanic, 0 were Asian(including Hawaiian Native/Pacific Islander), 0 were American Indian or Alaska Native, 0 were reported from two or more races.

Totally students were eligible for subsidized lunch program: students were eligible for free lunch, students were eligible for reduced price lunch.

School Year: 2010-2011
Data source: Institute of Education Sciences (IES), United States Department of Education

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M: an alphanumeric value is expected but none was measured.
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