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Total Students:
American Indian:
Two or more races:
Student - Special Education:
Student - English Learner:
Teacher - PreKindergarten:
Teacher - Kindergarten:
Teacher - Elementary:
Teacher - Secondary:
Teacher - Ungraded:
Instructional Aides:
Instructional Coordinators:
Guidance Counselor - Elementary
Guidance Counselor - Secondary:
Guidance Counselor - Others:
Guidance Counselor - Total:
Librarians/media specialists:
Library/media support staff:
LEA administrators:
LEA administrative support staff:
School administrators:
School administrative support staff:
Student support services staff:
All other support services staff:

Distict SchoolsLocationLevelGradesStudentsScore

school district is located at , . Please call .

The above table lists the number of teachers, teacher assistants and administration staffs in school district during school year 2009 - 2010. The total number of teachers in school district was : of them were elementary school teachers, were secondary school teachers.

The number of students in school district was : of them were in special education program, were in English Language Learner(EEL) served in appropriate programs.

School Year: 2010-2011
Data source: Institute of Education Sciences (IES), United States Department of Education

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