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Public School Districts in bennington county,

1. Arlington School District504 East Arlington Rd Arlington,VT 052508023756409
Grade: PK-12Schools: 2Students: 306
2. Battenkill Valley Supervisory Union530a East Arlington Rd Arlington,VT 052508023759744
Grade: N-NSchools: 0Students: -2
3. Bennington Id School District66 Main St Bennington,VT 052018024477979
Grade: KG-12Schools: 3Students: 812
4. Bennington Rutland Supervisory Union6378 Vermont Route 7a Sunderland,VT 052508023622452
Grade: PK-PKSchools: 0Students: 53
5. Danby School District129 Lincoln Ave Manchester Ctr,VT 052558023622452
Grade: 07-12Schools: 0Students: 121
6. Dorset School District130 School Dr Dorset,VT 052518023622606
Grade: PK-12Schools: 1Students: 297
7. Glastenbury246 South Stream Rd Bennington,VT 052018024477501
Grade: 11-11Schools: 0Students: 1
8. Manchester School District80 Memorial Ave Manchester Ctr,VT 052558023621597
Grade: PK-12Schools: 1Students: 667
9. Mount Anthony Union High School District #14321 Park St Bennington,VT 052018024470220
Grade: 06-12Schools: 2Students: 1672
10. Mount Tabor School District129 Lincoln Ave Manchester Center,VT 052558023622452
Grade: 07-12Schools: 0Students: 15
11. North Bennington Id School District9 School St No Bennington,VT 052578024425955
Grade: KG-06Schools: 1Students: 131
12. Pawlet School District129 Lincoln Ave Manchester Center,VT 052558023622452
Grade: 02-12Schools: 0Students: 38
13. Pownal School District94 Schoolhouse Rd Pownal,VT 052618028237333
Grade: KG-10Schools: 1Students: 265
14. Readsboro School District301 Phelps Ln Readsboro,VT 053508024237786
Grade: PK-12Schools: 1Students: 66
15. Rupert School District129 Lincoln Ave Manchester Center,VT 052558023622452
Grade: 07-12Schools: 0Students: 40
16. Sandgate School District530a East Arlington Rd Arlington,VT 052508023622452
Grade: 01-12Schools: 0Students: 46
17. Shaftsbury School District150 Buck Hill Rd Shaftsbury,VT 052628024424373
Grade: PK-12Schools: 1Students: 196
18. Southwest Vermont Career Development Center321 Park St Bennington,VT 052018024470220
Grade: N-NSchools: 1Students: -2
19. Southwest Vermont Supervisory Union181 Orchard Rd Bennington,VT 052018024478419
Grade: PK-PKSchools: 0Students: 109
20. Stamford School District986 Main Rd Stamford,VT 053528026941379
Grade: KG-12Schools: 1Students: 87
21. Sunderland School District98 Bear Ridge Rd Sunderland,VT 052508023756100
Grade: PK-12Schools: 1Students: 135
22. Woodford School District995 Vt Route 9 Bennington,VT 052018024424071
Grade: KG-06Schools: 1Students: 28

The above table lists all the public school districts in bennington county, , sorted by school district names alphabetically. Please click the school district name to browse all schools in the district. If you could not find your school district names or you do not know school district names, you can search public schools districts by location.

The table below lists the largest public schools in bennington county, , sorted by the number of students.

1. Mount Anthony Senior Uhsd #14
Bennington,VTHigh School09-12
2. Mount Anthony Union Middle School
Bennington,VTMiddle School06-08
3. Manchester Elementary/Middle School
Manchester Ctr,VTElementary SchoolPK-08
4. Molly Stark School
Bennington,VTElementary SchoolKG-05
5. Bennington Elementary School
Bennington,VTElementary SchoolKG-05
6. Pownal Elementary School
Pownal,VTElementary SchoolKG-06
7. Shaftsbury Elementary School
Shaftsbury,VTElementary SchoolPK-06
8. Arlington Memorial
Arlington,VTOther School06-12
9. Fisher School
Arlington,VTElementary SchoolPK-05
10. Dorset Elementary School
Dorset,VTElementary SchoolKG-08

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