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Public School Districts in san mateo county,

1. Bayshore Elementary School District1 Martin St Daly City,CA 940144154675443
Grade: KG-12Schools: 3Students: 543
2. Belmont-Redwood Shores Elementary2960 Hallmark Dr Belmont,CA 940026506374800
Grade: KG-08Schools: 7Students: 3206
3. Brisbane Elementary1 Solano St Brisbane,CA 940054154670550
Grade: KG-08Schools: 3Students: 545
4. Burlingame Elementary1825 Trousdale Dr Burlingame,CA 940106502593800
Grade: PK-08Schools: 7Students: 2771
5. Cabrillo Unified498 Kelly Ave Half Moon Bay,CA 940196507127100
Grade: KG-12Schools: 7Students: 3352
6. Hillsborough City Elementary300 El Cerrito Ave Hillsborough,CA 940106503425193
Grade: KG-08Schools: 4Students: 1512
7. Jefferson Elementary School District101 Lincoln Ave Daly City,CA 940156509911000
Grade: KG-12Schools: 15Students: 6998
8. Jefferson Union High699 Serramonte Blvd Daly City,CA 940156505507900
Grade: 09-12Schools: 5Students: 4960
9. La Honda-Pescadero Unified360 Butano Cut Off Pescadero,CA 940606508790286
Grade: KG-12Schools: 4Students: 341
10. Las Lomitas Elementary1011 Altschul Ave Menlo Park,CA 940256508542880
Grade: KG-08Schools: 2Students: 1336
11. Menlo Park City Elementary181 Encinal Ave Atherton,CA 940276503217140
Grade: KG-08Schools: 4Students: 2629
12. Millbrae Elementary555 Richmond Dr Millbrae,CA 940306506975693
Grade: KG-08Schools: 5Students: 2222
13. Pacifica375 Reina Del Mar Ave Pacifica,CA 940446507386600
Grade: KG-08Schools: 7Students: 3164
14. Portola Valley Elementary4575 Alpine Rd Portola Valley,CA 940286508511777
Grade: KG-08Schools: 2Students: 711
15. Ravenswood City Elementary2120 Euclid Ave East Palo Alto,CA 943036503292800
Grade: KG-12Schools: 10Students: 4290
16. Redwood City Elementary750 Bradford St Redwood City,CA 940636504232200
Grade: KG-08Schools: 17Students: 9119
17. San Bruno Park Elementary500 Acacia Ave San Bruno,CA 940666506243100
Grade: KG-08Schools: 8Students: 2599
18. San Carlos Elementary826 Chestnut St San Carlos,CA 940706505087333
Grade: KG-08Schools: 7Students: 3212
19. San Mateo County Office Of Education101 Twin Dolphin Dr Redwood City,CA 940656508025550
Grade: KG-12Schools: 10Students: 547
20. San Mateo County Rop101 Twin Dolphin Dr Redwood City,CA 940656508025400
Grade: N-NSchools: 1Students: -1
21. San Mateo Union High School District650 North Delaware St San Mateo,CA 944016505582299
Grade: 09-12Schools: 7Students: 8406
22. San Mateo-Foster City1170 Chess Dr Foster City,CA 944046503127700
Grade: PK-08Schools: 20Students: 10904
23. Sbe - Everest Public High305 Main St Redwood City,CA 940636503661050
Grade: 09-12Schools: 1Students: 205
24. Sequoia Union High480 James Ave Redwood City,CA 940626503691411
Grade: 09-12Schools: 7Students: 8787
25. South San Francisco Unified School District398 B St South San Francisco,CA 940806508778700
Grade: KG-12Schools: 15Students: 9312
26. Woodside Elementary3195 Woodside Rd Woodside,CA 940626508511571
Grade: KG-08Schools: 1Students: 453

The above table lists all the public school districts in san mateo county, , sorted by school district names alphabetically. Please click the school district name to browse all schools in the district. If you could not find your school district names or you do not know school district names, you can search public schools districts by location.

The table below lists the largest public schools in san mateo county, , sorted by the number of students.

1. Carlmont High School
Belmont,CAOther School06-12
2. Menlo-Atherton High School
Atherton,CAHigh School08-12
3. Sequoia High School
Redwood City,CAHigh School09-12
4. Woodside High School
Woodside,CAHigh School09-12
5. Westmoor High School
Daly City,CAHigh School09-12
6. Aragon High School
San Mateo,CAHigh School09-12
7. South San Francisco High School
South San Francisco,CAHigh School07-12
8. El Camino High School
South San Francisco,CAHigh School07-12
9. Mills High School
Millbrae,CAHigh School09-12
10. Burlingame High School
Burlingame,CAHigh School08-12

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