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Public School Districts in butte county,

1. Bangor Union Elementary7549 Orobangor Hwy Bangor,CA 959145306792434
Grade: KG-08Schools: 1Students: 126
2. Biggs Unified300 B St Biggs,CA 959175308681281
Grade: KG-12Schools: 6Students: 556
3. Butte County Office Of Education1859 Bird St Oroville,CA 959655305325761
Grade: KG-12Schools: 5Students: 1423
4. Butte County Rop1859 Bird St Oroville,CA 959655305325650
Grade: N-NSchools: 1Students: -1
5. Calaveras County Rop2491 Carmichael Dr Chico,CA 959285306210123
Grade: N-NSchools: 1Students: -1
6. Chico Unified1163 East Seventh St Chico,CA 959285308913000
Grade: PK-12Schools: 29Students: 13060
7. Durham Unified9420 Putney Dr Durham,CA 959385308954675
Grade: KG-12Schools: 4Students: 1030
8. Feather Falls Union Elementary2651 Lumpkin Rd Oroville,CA 959665305891810
Grade: KG-12Schools: 2Students: 50
9. Golden Feather Union Elementary11679 Nelson Bar Rd Oroville,CA 959655305333833
Grade: KG-08Schools: 3Students: 116
10. Gridley Unified429 Magnolia St Gridley,CA 959485308464721
Grade: KG-12Schools: 7Students: 2074
11. Manzanita Elementary627 East Evansreimer Rd Gridley,CA 959485308465594
Grade: KG-08Schools: 1Students: 290
12. Oroville City Elementary2795 Yard St Oroville,CA 959665305323000
Grade: PK-08Schools: 7Students: 2653
13. Oroville Union High2211 Washington Ave Oroville,CA 959665305382300
Grade: 09-12Schools: 4Students: 2736
14. Palermo Union Elementary7390 Bulldog Way Palermo,CA 959685305334842
Grade: PK-08Schools: 6Students: 1338
15. Paradise Unified6696 Clark Rd Paradise,CA 959695308726400
Grade: KG-12Schools: 15Students: 4386
16. Pioneer Union Elementary286 Rockerfeller Rd Berry Creek,CA 959165305891633
Grade: KG-08Schools: 2Students: 79
17. Thermalito Union Elementary400 Grand Ave Oroville,CA 959655305382900
Grade: KG-08Schools: 6Students: 1308

The above table lists all the public school districts in butte county, , sorted by school district names alphabetically. Please click the school district name to browse all schools in the district. If you could not find your school district names or you do not know school district names, you can search public schools districts by location.

The table below lists the largest public schools in butte county, , sorted by the number of students.

1. Pleasant Valley High School
Chico,CAHigh School08-12
2. Chico High School
Chico,CAHigh School08-12
3. Las Plumas High School
Oroville,CAHigh School09-12
4. Oroville High School
Oroville,CAHigh School09-12
5. Paradise Senior High School
Paradise,CAHigh School09-12
6. Gridley High School
Gridley,CAHigh School08-12
7. Shasta Elementary School
Chico,CAElementary SchoolKG-06
8. Bidwell Junior High School
Chico,CAMiddle School05-09
9. Emma Wilson Elementary School
Chico,CAElementary SchoolKG-06
10. McManus (John A.) Elementary School
Chico,CAElementary SchoolKG-06

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