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Public School Districts in Latimer County, Oklahoma

1. Kiamichi Tech. Center- Talihina1004 Hwy 2 North Wilburton,OK 745789184652324
Grade: N-NSchools: 0Students: -2
2. Panola School District2105 Panola Rd Panola,OK 745599184653298
Grade: PK-12Schools: 2Students: 247
3. Red Oak School District404 North Main Red Oak,OK 745639187542426
Grade: PK-12Schools: 2Students: 239
4. Wilburton School District1201 West Blair Ave Wilburton,OK 745789184652100
Grade: PK-12Schools: 3Students: 1019

The above table lists all the public school districts in Latimer County, Oklahoma, sorted by school district names alphabetically. Please click the school district name to browse all schools in the district. If you could not find your school district names or you do not know school district names, you can search public schools districts by location.

The table below lists the largest public schools in Latimer County, Oklahoma, sorted by the number of students.

1. Wilburton Elementary School
Wilburton,OKElementary SchoolPK-05
2. Wilburton High School
Wilburton,OKHigh School09-12
3. Wilburton Middle School
Wilburton,OKMiddle School06-08
4. Red Oak Elementary School
Red Oak,OKElementary SchoolPK-08
5. Panola Elementary School
Panola,OKElementary SchoolPK-08
6. Panola High School
Panola,OKHigh School09-12
7. Red Oak High School
Red Oak,OKHigh School09-12

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