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Belfry 7-8, Middle School
Grades: 07-08 | Student:4 | Teacher:1 | Score:
Phone: 406-664-3319
200 Wisconsin Belfry, MT 59008
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Belfry High SchoolBelfry,MTHigh School09-120
Belfry SchoolBelfry,MTElementary SchoolPK-060
Bridger High SchoolBridger,MTHigh School09-1211.436
Bridger Elementary SchoolBridger,MTElementary SchoolPK-0611.476
Bridger 7-8Bridger,MTMiddle School07-0811.476
Red Lodge High SchoolRed Lodge,MTHigh School09-1212.058
Mountain View SchoolRed Lodge,MTElementary SchoolPK-0512.239
Roosevelt SchoolRed Lodge,MTUnknown04-0612.23
Red Lodge 7-8Red Lodge,MTMiddle School06-0812.237
Roberts SchoolRoberts,MTElementary SchoolPK-0617.014

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School Year: 2010-2011
Data source: Institute of Education Sciences (IES), United States Department of Education

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