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Public School Districts in Tarrant County, Texas

1. Arlington Classics Academy2800 West Arkansas Ln Arlington,TX 760168172742008
Grade: KG-06Schools: 3Students: 495
2. Arlington Independent School District1203 West Pioneer Parkway Arlington,TX 760136828674611
Grade: PK-12Schools: 77Students: 64484
3. Azle Independent School District300 Roe St Azle,TX 760208174443235
Grade: PK-12Schools: 11Students: 5774
4. Birdville Independent School District6125 East Belknap St Haltom City,TX 761178175475700
Grade: PK-12Schools: 34Students: 23545
5. Carroll Independent School District3051 Dove Rd Grapevine,TX 760518179498222
Grade: PK-12Schools: 12Students: 7672
6. Castleberry Independent School District315 Churchill Rd Fort Worth,TX 761148172522000
Grade: PK-12Schools: 8Students: 3650
7. Chapel Hill Academy4640 Sycamore School Rd Fort Worth,TX 761338172890242
Grade: PK-03Schools: 1Students: 344
8. Crowley Independent School District512 Peach St Crowley,TX 760368172975800
Grade: PK-12Schools: 23Students: 15240
9. Dallas Independent School District3700 Ross Ave Dallas,TX 752049729253700
Grade: PK-12Schools: 242Students: 157162
10. Eagle Mount-Saginaw Independent School District1200 Old Decatur Rd Fort Worth,TX 761798172320880
Grade: PK-12Schools: 25Students: 16709
11. East Fort Worth Montessori Academy501 Oakland Blvd Fort Worth,TX 761038174963003
Grade: PK-05Schools: 1Students: 370
12. Everman Independent School District608 Townley Dr Everman,TX 761408175683500
Grade: PK-12Schools: 9Students: 5068
13. Fort Worth Academy Of Fine Arts3901 South Hulen St Fort Worth,TX 761098179241482
Grade: 03-12Schools: 2Students: 482
14. Fort Worth Independent School District100 North University Dr Fort Worth,TX 761078178712000
Grade: PK-12Schools: 150Students: 81651
15. Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District3051 Ira East Woods Ave Grapevine,TX 760518172515547
Grade: PK-12Schools: 19Students: 13670
16. Harmony Science Acad (Fort Worth)5651 West Creek Dr Fort Worth,TX 761338172630700
Grade: KG-12Schools: 5Students: 2182
17. Hurst-Euless-Bedford Independent School District1849a Central Dr Bedford,TX 760228172834461
Grade: PK-12Schools: 32Students: 21046
18. Jean Massieu Academy823 North Center St Arlington,TX 760118174600396
Grade: PK-12Schools: 1Students: 124
19. Keller Independent School District350 Keller Parkway Keller,TX 762488177441000
Grade: PK-12Schools: 40Students: 32746
20. Kennedale Independent School District120 West Kennedale Parkway Kennedale,TX 760608175638000
Grade: PK-12Schools: 7Students: 3185
21. Lake Worth Independent School District6805 Telephone Rd Lake Worth,TX 761358173064205
Grade: PK-12Schools: 8Students: 3178
22. Mansfield Independent School District605 East Broad St Mansfield,TX 760638172996300
Grade: PK-12Schools: 43Students: 32251
23. Metro Academy Of Math And Science1111 Gibbins Rd Arlington,TX 760118172995200
Grade: PK-12Schools: 3Students: 376
24. Reg 11 Education Service Center3001 North Freeway Fort Worth,TX 761068177403600
Grade: N-NSchools: 0Students: -2
25. Richard Milburn Academy (Fort Worth)6785 Camp Bowie Blvd Fort Worth,TX 761168307880198
Grade: 09-12Schools: 1Students: 173
26. Texas Elementary School Of The Arts3901 South Hulen St Fort Worth,TX 761098177328372
Grade: KG-06Schools: 1Students: 152
27. Theresa B Lee Academy4327 East Lancaster Ave Fort Worth,TX 761038175345593
Grade: N-NSchools: -2Students: -2
28. Treetops School International12500 South Pipeline Rd Euless,TX 760408172831771
Grade: KG-12Schools: 1Students: 326
29. Uplift Education-Summit International Preparatory1100 Roosevelt Arlington,TX 760118172875121
Grade: KG-12Schools: 3Students: 645
30. Westlake Academy Charter School2600 Ottinger Rd Westlake,TX 762628174905757
Grade: KG-12Schools: 1Students: 520
31. White Settlement Independent School District401 South Cherry Ln White Settlement,TX 761088173675349
Grade: PK-12Schools: 11Students: 6311

The above table lists all the public school districts in Tarrant County, Texas, sorted by school district names alphabetically. Please click the school district name to browse all schools in the district. If you could not find your school district names or you do not know school district names, you can search public schools districts by location.

The table below lists the largest public schools in Tarrant County, Texas, sorted by the number of students.

1. Skyline High School
Dallas,TXHigh School09-12
2. Martin High School
Arlington,TXHigh School09-12
3. Bowie High School
Arlington,TXHigh School09-12
4. Arlington High School
Arlington,TXHigh School09-12
5. Sam Houston High School
Arlington,TXHigh School09-12
6. Lamar High School
Arlington,TXHigh School09-12
7. Keller High School
Keller,TXHigh School09-12
8. Central High School
Keller,TXHigh School09-12
9. Haltom High School
Haltom City,TXHigh School09-12
10. Paschal High School
Fort Worth,TXHigh School09-12

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