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Public School Districts in Alameda County, California

1. Alameda City Unified2200 Central Ave Alameda,CA 945015103377000
Grade: KG-12Schools: 20Students: 10494
2. Alameda Cnty. Student Exchange Prog.313 West Winton Ave Hayward,CA 945445108870152
Grade: N-NSchools: 0Students: -1
3. Alameda County Office Of Education313 West Winton Ave Hayward,CA 945445108870152
Grade: PK-12Schools: 8Students: 3001
4. Albany City Unified1051 Monroe St Albany,CA 947065105583750
Grade: KG-12Schools: 6Students: 3882
5. Berkeley Unified2134 Martin Luther King Jr. Berkeley,CA 947045106446206
Grade: PK-12Schools: 18Students: 9468
6. California School for the Blind (State Special School)500 Walnut Ave Fremont,CA 945365107943800
Grade: UG-UGSchools: 1Students: 66
7. California School for the Deaf-Fremont (State Special School)39350 Gallaudet Dr Fremont,CA 945385107943666
Grade: KG-12Schools: 1Students: 438
8. Castro Valley Unified4400 Alma Ave Castro Valley,CA 945465105373000
Grade: PK-12Schools: 16Students: 9023
9. Dublin Unified7471 Larkdale Ave Dublin,CA 945689258282551
Grade: KG-12Schools: 9Students: 6257
10. East Bay Regional Occupational Agency (Rop)1025 Second Ave Oakland,CA 946065103377093
Grade: N-NSchools: 1Students: -1
11. East Bay Regional Occupational Agency Joint Powers Authority1900 Third St Portable 23 Alameda,CA 945015307484012
Grade: N-NSchools: 0Students: -1
12. Eden Area Rop26316 Hesperian Blvd Hayward,CA 945455102932900
Grade: N-NSchools: 1Students: -1
13. Eden Area Rop Jpa15225 Wicks Blvd San Leandro,CA 945795102932906
Grade: N-NSchools: 0Students: -1
14. Emery Unified School District4727 San Pablo Ave Emeryville,CA 946085106014000
Grade: PK-12Schools: 2Students: 778
15. Fremont Unified4210 Technology Dr Fremont,CA 945375106572350
Grade: KG-12Schools: 41Students: 32607
16. Hayward Unified24411 Amador St Hayward,CA 945445107842600
Grade: PK-12Schools: 33Students: 21744
17. Livermore Valley Joint Unified685 East Jack London Blvd Livermore,CA 945519256063200
Grade: PK-12Schools: 19Students: 12771
18. Mission Valley Roc/P40230 Laiole Rd Fremont,CA 945385106571865
Grade: N-NSchools: 0Students: -1
19. Mission Valley Roc/P5019 Stevenson Blvd Fremont,CA 945385106571865
Grade: N-NSchools: 1Students: -1
20. Mountain House Elementary3950 Mountain House Rd Byron,CA 945142098352283
Grade: KG-08Schools: 1Students: 46
21. New Haven Unified34200 Alvaradoniles Rd Union City,CA 945875104711100
Grade: KG-12Schools: 14Students: 12955
22. Newark Unified5715 Musick Ave Newark,CA 945605108184112
Grade: PK-12Schools: 14Students: 6654
23. Oakland Unified1025 Second Ave Oakland,CA 946065108798582
Grade: PK-12Schools: 139Students: 46586
24. Piedmont City Unified760 Magnolia Ave Piedmont,CA 946115105942600
Grade: KG-12Schools: 6Students: 2559
25. Pleasanton Unified4665 Bernal Ave Pleasanton,CA 945669254625500
Grade: PK-12Schools: 15Students: 14904
26. San Leandro Unified14735 Juniper St San Leandro,CA 945795106673500
Grade: KG-12Schools: 12Students: 8822
27. San Lorenzo Unified15510 Usher St San Lorenzo,CA 945805103174600
Grade: KG-12Schools: 18Students: 11879
28. Sbc - Aspire Public Schools1001 22nd Ave Oakland,CA 946065104345000
Grade: KG-12Schools: 6Students: 1696
29. Sbe - Aspire Vanguard College Preparatory Academy1001 22nd Ave Oakland,CA 946062095213010
Grade: 06-12Schools: 1Students: 256
30. SBE - Livermore Valley Charter2451 Portola Ave Livermore,CA 945519254431690
Grade: KG-08Schools: 1Students: 932
31. Sbe - Livermore Valley Charter Preparato2451 Portola Ave Livermore,CA 945514087612228
Grade: 09-12Schools: 1Students: 70
32. School Project Utility Rate Reduction313 West Winton Ave Hayward,CA 945449257431292
Grade: N-NSchools: 0Students: -1
33. Sunol Glen Unified11601 Main St Sunol,CA 945869258622026
Grade: KG-08Schools: 1Students: 263
34. Tri-Valley Rop543 Sonoma Ave Livermore,CA 945509254554800
Grade: N-NSchools: 1Students: -1
35. Tri-Valley Rop Jpa543 Sonoma Ave Livermore,CA 945509254554800
Grade: N-NSchools: 0Students: -1

The above table lists all the public school districts in Alameda County, California, sorted by school district names alphabetically. Please click the school district name to browse all schools in the district. If you could not find your school district names or you do not know school district names, you can search public schools districts by location.

The table below lists the largest public schools in Alameda County, California, sorted by the number of students.

1. James Logan High School
Union City,CAHigh School09-12
2. Berkeley High School
Berkeley,CAHigh School09-12
3. Castro Valley High School
Castro Valley,CAHigh School09-12
4. San Leandro High School
San Leandro,CAHigh School08-12
5. Amador Valley High School
Pleasanton,CAHigh School09-12
6. Foothill High School
Pleasanton,CAHigh School09-12
7. Granada High School
Livermore,CAHigh School08-12
8. Mission San Jose High School
Fremont,CAHigh School09-12
9. Irvington High School
Fremont,CAHigh School09-12
10. American High School
Fremont,CAHigh School09-12

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